First base with a slave


As previously mentioned, I based the Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader and the Slave/Loader. And this is them, all dried and ready to be sprayed, like a tom cat on heat.

The issue of the Packmaster for the Rat Ogre has yet to be addressed, but it shall be in due time. Obviously a guy with a whip isn’t going to cut it,  so I have to try and come up with something that works in conjunction with a giant, walking robot thing. I am pretty sure the whip problem can be solved by giving him a pistol-like weapon of some description, though.

Just an aside. I somehow found myself over on this site the other day. True veterans will be familiar with the name Gary Morley, a man who has sculpted some of the best Citadel miniatures in the range, and yet will forever be known as “that guy that did the crap Nagash model”. We achieve so much as people, and yet it is our failures that haunt us.


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