Over the last two days I have worked on my Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader. I am reasonably happy with how it is turning out.

First I had to go pick up some chain, to finish off the lifting mechanism. I went down to Model Mania and picked up a couple of lengths of chain made by a company called Constructo Modelismo. At home, I made a rough measurement and cut a length of chain off.


The idea is that the chain will be attacked to the fork mechanism. Winding the chain in pulls it back, loosening it lets it drop forward. So I had to construct a link where the chain attaches to the top fork beam. I used a cut down nail as the bar, over which the chain would loop. For the ends I cut two pieces from a sprue, roughly the same size, and drilled out the centre sections. I then glued it all together.


On the back I needed something to act as the winch. I was toying with constructing some kind of spool for the chain to thread onto, but instead I decided to go with the chain just entering a compartment, inside which the chain is spooled. Or just bunched up. Who knows.

To make this compartment I cut one section off a larger connection plug from an old computer part. I had to pull the metal pin inside out before I could cut this section away, which was a bit of a chore. But I think the part should do nicely.


After the chain connection had dried I glued it to the fork mechanism.


When that had dried, I cut the chain so that it could slip into the crevice in the computer part. It only had to go in far enough to give the impression of chain following on inside. The chain was then glued into the hole.

After this is all dried, I will base the Heavy Loader and the Goblin Loader to prepare them for base coating.


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