Pirates of Sartosa

Pirates? As an army list? Unheard of!

Maritime themed community created army lists seem to be the in thing this Summer. First Nauticans, now Pirates of Sartosa. Welcome to the docks, pirates! Watch your head on the sea shanty!

Ok, ok. To be fair, the creator has described this as “a birthday present for a friend of mine” and “I’m posting it to see what others think of it”. Initial thoughts? Remind me not to invite you to my birthday, you cheapskate.

It is worth having a look at, as it does have some interesting ideas. Though I think this is partially a bastardisation of the Dogs of War book. But I can’t be sure. These are testing times indeed.

The list doesn’t seem to follow the current list organisation conventions, and I can’t be sure if this is purely through not understanding the makeup of army books or some kind of cunning plan to show the pirates outside status as an organisation rather than a nation.

Am I being to harsh?


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