Things that slice, hit and shoot


Finished up painting the models I was currently working on today, finally. Between a visiting 10 year old, a birthday and work I am surprised I managed to slip a couple of hours in to finish these guys off.

So these two are the Stormvermin and Clanrat. I am very happy with the Stormvermin, he armour is looking really nice, the Badab Black wash has worked a treat. It really dulls the shine down and gives it a ‘less-than-new’ appearance. The green shoulder pad is working fairly well, though I think I might have to go over it with another layer of green again. Some of the metal highlighting has obliterated too much of it.

The Clanrat is looking pretty good, certainly a scheme that will be acceptable with multiple blocks of 25 or so on the board.  I’ll apply the clan colour of green to the command models, and probably a select few troopers. That should be enough to tie them into the clan.


Here we have the Jezzail. I am quite happy with this too. Rather than apply the clan green to the clothing I have painted the clan symbol in green onto the pavise.


Lastly we have the Plague Monks/Mechanics. Painted up they look really good. The prominent use of Rotting Flesh on the clothing, as well as the basic Plague Monk body, should help to easily identify these as Plague Monks. I was a little concerned initially that the Mechanics might end up looking too much like the rest of the army, and opponents would have trouble distinguishing the troops types apart. But I think this reinforces my concept and shows that making the troops easily recognisable for what they are will work.

Now these guys are painted I can spend some time working on the Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader as well as the Clanrat Slave/Loader. I don’t think much has to be done to the Gnoblar to have him ready for service, but I am uncertain how long the Rat Ogre is going to take. To be honest, while I like the arcane-tech look, I am not very good at constructing it. Of all the troops reassignments, the Rat Ogres are the one I am mos concerned about. They are either going to look really awesome, or really out of place.

Time will tell.


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2 responses to “Things that slice, hit and shoot”

  1. Doomy says :

    The stormvermin and clanrat look great, easily some of the best minis that you have painted judging by the pic!

    I know I am colourblind but I can’t see anything painted onto the pavise…

    Lastly, if you don’t mind spending some more time on them I would recommend you tidy up the highlights on the robes on the plaguemonks some. Robes really give you the chance to blend subtly if you are up for it.

  2. matt says :

    I don’t know what to say. There is definately something on the pavise. It is a green ‘V’ shape.

    I too would blame being colour blind.

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