The Mad Scientist – Experiments with basing


Finally, the work has restarted on the Skaven army. I worked a little on the base treatment I will do today, trying out three different techniques.

One is completely based in this material, Material 1. I have no idea what it is called, or who made it,  as I am an intelligent person and threw the packaging away, thus rendering any efforts to divulge its identity to the public fruitless. It’s a rough gravel kind of material with a variety of sized pieces.


Another base is covered in this, again, manufacturer or name unknown. It is tiny, spherical rocks, each smaller than most of what is in Material 1. We will call this Material 2.


The third base was covered in this, the result of mixing Material 1 and Material 2. Let us call this Material X !


So here we have the materials applied to the bases and basecoated black. From left to right we have Material X, Material 1 and Material 2. I am running short on spare square bases to muck around with, so I used a couple of 40k bases to do some of the tests on. At this stage of the experiment it is hard to tell which one will work best, though I like Material X and Material 2 the most. Pick up your game, Material 1!


Here we see them with a couple of layers of paint. I did a layer of Bestial Brown, followed by a drybrushed layer of Vermin Brown. Painted, I still like Material X and Material 1, though I think they are a little too brown. I might try them with a layer of Bestial Brown followed by something like Graveyard Earth. Just something a bit lighter, especially since large sections of the Skaven themselves are likely to end up as variations on this particular brown.


If your wondering where I’ve been with my updates lately, this is the majority of the explanation. Follow me into a brief glimpse of my life outside of Warhammer.

For the last year and a half I have been working as a freelance Graphic Designer and Web Designer. Usually I can pick up some part-time work to supplement this, but in the last six months the industry has been very withdrawn. I have been forced to fling my net farther afield, and this is part of doing that. At the moment I am targeting publishers. They usually have a bit of work for freelancers doing book cover design and illustration, and so I have put together this booklet to send some of them. It leans towards more of my illustrative and magazine cover work, as I don’t want to send them stuff that is totally irrelevant to what they are contracting for. So I have spent the last couple of weeks putting this little project together, while still trying to wrangle the rest of my professional life.

Because I’m a fan of naming stuff, and because Matthew Lee Design Examples sounds dicky, I called it Ideas To Steal: a brief look at Matthew Lee Design. Equally as dicky, yes.


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