Like a house, but made of people


Since I don’t have a great deal of Warhammer to talk about, I’ll address something else I find interesting. Here we have the monthly views for this very website. Look! It’s like a house or something. For those interested, it’s about an average of 300 visitors per month. I have no idea if this is good, bad or average for a blog, especially one on such a niche subject as Warhammer, but I’m pretty happy. So, hi to everyone out there, especially those of you who are not bots or spammers!


Tomorrow, issue 6 of the Skavenblight Gazette comes out. I’m very, very pleased with this issue. Not only do we have the usual selection of Skaven awesomness, but we have articles from two proper sources. There is an interview with one of the developers from Cyanide Studios, the company making the Blood Bowl computer game. On top of this, we have an extract from a book soon to be released by Black Library called Grey Seer.

Frankly, I am awed that the gazette has almost managed to pull itself into a proper magazine. I have been trying to track down content of this nature, stuff that is not just put together by the fanbase, but actual Games Workshop authorised and relevant pieces. Especially when you are looking for stuff that targets Skaven specifically in some way, it is a hard task.

If anyone has thoughts on similar sources that can be assaulted, I am all ears.


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