Engine where?


Started to get back into it today. The Skavenblight Gazette is basically finished, it is off being proof read, and I am just waiting on a couple of illustrations. So I can get back into working on the Skaven army itself.

Today I worked on the Warlock Engineer a bit. I filed off the Khorne symbol on the chest plate, as well as the skull on the claw. I also glued the legs to the base and the two halves of the armour together.

Originally the Warlock Engineer just had an armoured right arm with a sword, but I have decided to build him a Storm Daemon-esque staff weapon. I have used a Bretonnian knights arm and cut away the lance. Then I drilled out the hand. I cut the tip off of a Clanrat spear and drilled out the shaft. The pole will be made of a short length of plasticard rod. I’ll glue the armour to the legs, and then I can get an idea of how the staff positions on the model. Then I can add some tech and wires and stuff.


I worked on this goblin slave a while back, but never got around to posting the image. Not like me, is it.

His weapons have been removed, and his left arm has been repositioned slightly. All I have to do now is find a suitable crate for him to carry. Easier said than done, at the moment.


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