The Knight of the White Sparrow


About 6 months ago I sent a Knight Errant off to New South Wales as part of the UnderEmpire miniature swap. My lucky painter was Scrivener, a guy I have digitally stood over and demanded he draw Skavenblight Gazette covers.

The miniature came back to the fold today, and I have got to say, it is truly spectacular. In all honesty it puts the rest of my army to shame. He has used such a simple paint scheme and limited palette, but has achieved so much. It almost seems a shame for it to have to bunch up with my half-arsed knights and get splattered by Dark Elves.


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One response to “The Knight of the White Sparrow”

  1. Doomy says :

    Looks pretty good in the pics, the heraldry is a real stand out.
    Will take a closer look when I’m down there next.

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