Forking hell


Worked on my Rat Ogre/Heavy Loader today. First port of call was gluing the feet to the legs, a fairly straight forward procedure. I then drilled out the contact area where the legs will meet the body section so I could pin the pieces together. I also drilled a hole into the front section of the body so I could put some plasticard rod through there, which would then be attached to the loader mechanism.

After pinning the legs to the body I glued in the Skaven operator. His torso and head are from the Clanrat sprue. His arms are Clanrat arms, but I sliced the hands off and replaced them with the hands holding the two-handed flail on the Flagellant sprue. I kept some of the shaft of the weapon under each hand, to act as the controls of the loader. After this, I glued on a front panel, made from some piece I dug out of my bits box. I also used strips of plasticard to cover up the area between the front section and the driver.


Once all this had dried I started working on the mechanism. I cut two I beam pieces of plasticard to same lengths. To these I attached two smaller pieces of plasticard rod to the back, and a larger one on top of them. This larger one could slot over the rod running through the body of the loader. I then joined the two at the bottom with another length of I beam plasticard, and constructed prongs from bits of plastic sprue.


Here we have a close up of the rods securing the mechanism to the body.

I’m happy with how the body turned out. If I get to build some more based on the Space Crusade Dreadnought, I will probably construct the whole body separately before I glue the legs to it. I also think the cockpit area could do with a bit more work, but I do still have to add the small details to this model. So it might yet be okay.

This version is based on a forklift, though I am not 100% happy with it. The body is fine, but I think the mechanism is a bit clumsy in execution. Perhaps some kind of claw that comes out the bottom is a better idea? I am open to suggestions.

Each Loader will have a different mechanism, so there aren’t going to be a half dozen ‘forklift’ Loaders. Just the one. But it is a fairly conspicuous model, so abnormalities in it’s design are going to be more apparent than, say, a Mechanic, who can just be hidden in amongst the other Mechanics.

So that is the Rat Ogre test model mostly done. Overall I’m happy with it, it’s certainly for filling the vision I had of it in my mind. Obviously the mechanism might need some work, but I’ll add the details onto the model first and see how it looks. I’m not to sure what troops will next get treatment, though I have a fairly good idea how to pull off the Jezzails. Most likely I’ll do a Jezzail next, as I can think about what I can to for the other troops while I put one of these together.


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7 responses to “Forking hell”

  1. Jimmy Chang says :

    Yeah im not sure about the forklift, i mean hows it supposed to hurt stuff? I cant see skaven just using stuff that runs into stuff i think theyd add some kind of nastiness to it ( tho ud know more about skaven then me). Claw or pincer would work well, thought about the good ol dozer blade? Or is that one of your other ogres?

  2. matt says :

    I suppose I figure that it’s not really the forklift mechanism doing the damage, in this case. It’s more the weight and power behind the machine. I suppose the driver could be using the forklift to crush enemies too. I’m not sure.

    But I do think that something slightly more vicious looking is really called for.

  3. Jimmy Chang says :

    yeah if the forklift isnt causing damage itself i figure itd be left at home

  4. matt says :

    The idea is kind of that there IS nothing else. The Clan has been discraced and basically absorbed by another clan. It’s existence is hanging by a thread, so using whatever they have on hand to do whatever it is they need to do is the only option.

    Thats the direction I am going for, anyway. Most people create uber-clans that are on the cusp of godness. I wanted to do in completely the opposite direction.

  5. Jimmy Chang says :

    yeah fair enough, i guess i was thinking if it was a valuable machine it wouldnt be risked being destroyed in a battle if it wasnt effective.

  6. Doomy says :

    It needs to look more Steam Punk esque imo. It looks a bit too professional to me atm.

    The idea of a forklift is fine I think, though maybe you could have some warp lightning arcing between the flat bed?

  7. matt says :

    I agree that it needs some more Skavening up. I have to add some more details, but I was also thinking about adding some plates to the legs, as well as build some kind of reactor/boiler thing for the back.

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