She’ll be ready by Thursday

Today I worked on my Mechanics a bit more, as well as made some progress on the look of the Globadiers.


On first Mechanic I have used plasticard rod to construct the pneumatic piston attached to his arm. I simply inserted a piece of rod inside another hollow piece of rod and glued them together. Plasticard rod was also used to make the rivets. I just just thin slices off of one of the rods and glued them on. An off cut of the lower section of the piston was used to make a larger hinge wheel on the clamp.


Much the same with the second Mechanic. Plasticard rod was cut into slivers and glued to the claw and shoulder guard.


This is the third Mechanic I have been working on. I like the idea of the chainsaw hand, but I think I went a little bit overboard including the entire Chainsword. I think maybe I should have cut it about halfway and used the top section. As it is, when it is placed into the unit I think it will look fine. Just as long as there aren’t 15 of these over sized chainsaw hand guys getting around I think this guy will still work.


As with the other Mechanics, I have used slivers of plasticard rod to create the rivets. I also used a sliver of hollow plasticard rod to glue over the left eye. As his right eye is covered by a ‘cage’ I intend to use the plasticard base to sculpt my own on the other side. It should just be a matter of constructing a slight mound with Milliput and making small indentations to create the illusion of wire. The plasticard base did give me an idea for the Globadier, though.


With the Globadier, I started by cutting the Bretonnian details from the barrel. I then drilled into the shield face, as well as into the hump on the intended body. In these holes I inserted a pin, to keep the barrel firmly attached to the finished Globadier.

I then drilled straight through the barrel, as well as the attached cup (I plan to use this as a cannister section of the apparatus) and the mouth area of the head.


Next I cut one vent off of a Space Marine backpack and stuck it to the right side of the barrel. This will be the vent attached to the breathing apparatus. I also attached the blunderbuss arms from the Empire Militia sprue. The left arm will require a little filling at the body join, but it basically fit without any problems.

I drilled out the barrel of the gun and attached a hollow piece of plasticard rod to the body of it. This piece of rod will be where the hose connection will be attached. Lastly, I cut small slivers of hollow plasticard rod and glued them over the eyes of the head, creating goggles.

Now all I had to do was thread a piece of wire through the drilled sections, joining the head to the breathing apparatus and the gun to the canister. I figure that my Globadiers for this army will be short range ‘gas gunners’. In their role as part of the Warprail Construction Team they are used to clear tunnel sections of unwanted wildlife. On the battlefield, they fulfill a role equivalent to that of the Globadier.

There are only a couple of things left to do to finish him now. The gap between his left arm and body has to be filled, and straps to hold his apparatus on have to be modelled. Also, I have to sculpt the section of his breathing apparatus that covers his mouth. He isn’t just clenching a hose between his teeth!


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