The old folk home for intellectual property

As well as doing a bit of knight painting today, I was also looking at this.

It’s interesting to see what Games Workshop thought were good ideas in the past. It also makes you think, in ten years, what will they have gotten rid of from the current crop of  intellectual properties that we all think of a terrific ideas now? Will Tomb Kings or Wood Elves be around, for instance? Will they divide up another army into two or three armies? Will they introduce a completely new one?

As it stands at  the moment, I’m sure you think that they have all the armies they need, and that it doesn’t need expanding. To be honest, this is what I thought when we just had ‘Undead’. But that was split into Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts, and it works great. Lizardmen and Ogre Kingdoms were introduced out of nowhere. Two civilisations that just popped up over night. One that helped found the world!

To be honest, I don’t mind if they add new armies, take them out or divide them up. Just as long as they don’t put in fishmen.

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3 responses to “The old folk home for intellectual property”

  1. Sigmar says :

    Hey Matt !

    What’s wrong with fishmen ! 😀

    Check out my Nautican (“fishmen”) Army blog, you never know it might change your mind. Let me know what you think.


  2. matt says :

    Hi Sigmar

    Man, are you opening a big-ass can of worms. Under any other circumstance I’d reaffirm you and be on my way, but the charter for this blog demands otherwise. Complete Warhammer honesty!

    So whats wrong with Fishmen? Taken at it’s basest characterisation, the whole idea is just boring. Most of the Fishmen fantalk I hear paints them to be… well… fish men. Congratulations, you have managed to do what people have been doing for thousands of years and stick an animal and a man together. This works for Beastmen, as they were the first animal/man in the Warhammer setting, and truly, the hybrid is a fantasy staple. Skaven build on this by applying exaggerated human attributes that do not normally apply to vermin. Conversely, ‘Ratmen’ in D&D are just Beastmen from Warhammer. But D&D is famous for uninspired and overcrowded genesis, except for maybe Mind Flayers.

    As for your Nauticans…. you wanted to know what I think. Brace yourself.


    Of all the possibilities of applying a water-living race to Warhammer, and you just translate fairy tales and Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ to the tabletop?

    Without even touching the particulars of the army list, and just looking at the general theme behind the army, my verdict is: Uninspired. Sorry.

    Don’t get me wrong, I applaud the effort and time you have taken to work on this project. But taken from the perspective of the Warhammer world, especially where the game developers are trying to cull the stereotyped fantasy setting, your army offers very little in new concepts.

    I don’t want you to think I am being unfair, so I might write up a blog post explaining my position in a bit more detail. Look out for that later today.

  3. Sigmar says :

    Thanks for replying Matt, I’ll be interested to see what yuo have to say. Try delving a bit deeper into the army list to find some of the subtleties. My only defence is that the army has generally received a favourable reception and while there are detractors they are firmly in the minority.

    Looking forward to your post,

    PS. I’m more than happy to consider other ideas for the army, did you have aything in mind when you mentioned new concepts ?

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