Do the robot… arm

Popped in to Gamers Guild while I was at the post office today. The intention was to just look at what plastic troop boxes they had in, but I ended up walking out with a Plague Monks box. I payed for it, honest!

I don’t intend on using the models as standard, though some may end up becoming the Plague Monk equivalent in my army.


First up I put together a rough idea for the Globadier model. Clan Pestilens isn’t the only clan famous for wearing robes. A lot of Clan Skryre models and artwork depict them in robe-like clothing, though usually with a tonne of technological crap stuck all over them. Plastic Plague Monk models have a lot better moulding than the multi-part Clanrats. The feet are a lot less pronounced than the Clanrats, and the tail is moulded on rather than separate. Overall, I think using the Plague Monk body as a base for most of the army is a good idea.

Anyway, I like the barrel backpack on this. Obviously the final models will have more bits stuck to it, tubes and wires and some kind of smoke stack thing, but I think the Bretonnian barrel is a good base. I think any head will work, really, on these models. Though ones with bandages around the middle of the face will work better, as when I model on the gas mask the bandages will help it blend in more convincingly.

Ideally I can give them left handed weapons and have them holding the globes in the right. But at the moment, here we have a Dark Eldar arm, that is used to grip the barrel of their guns, as the left arm. To be honest, I think it looks like shit. Cutting the cupped hand off and sticking it to another arm may be the go, but I’m going to hunt around and see if I can come up with something more suitable first.

I’m also not sure what role in the themed army the Globadiers are going to play, so the club weapon may go entirely.


I am fairly certain the Plague Monks in my army will be ‘Mechanics’, Skaven who work on and repair machinery. I was going to model overalls onto Clanrats somehow, but I think that the Plague Monk robe works a lot better. Plus, using the robed bodies will mean that it will be less confusing for opponents to identify which troops are the Plague Monks, as they are made up mostly of Plague Monk parts!

The regular Plague Monks heads will be avoided though, I think. Some kind of welding mask would be nice, but I’m not too sure how I would construct one. Or what it would look like! I have no idea where I got this claw arm from, but I think a mixture of bionic arms like this and arms wielding wrenches and spanners and stuff will be the go. I have to give the Mechanics two hand weapons, as that’s what Plague Monks have.

If you happen to think of a way to get a hold of a bunch of bits that would make good bionic/mechanical arms, let me know.


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2 responses to “Do the robot… arm”

  1. Doomy says :

    I get the feeling that the ogre barrels are somewhat larger than the bretonnian ones. You are free to have them if they work for you though.

    The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of bionic arms is necrons. Is that the sort of thing you after, or would you be looking at more steampunkish stuff? If so, you might need to take a look at some of the 40k ork kits.

    Good to see the Skaven being worked on.

    Post your opinion regarding the warhammer campaign on the message board when you get the chance.

  2. matt says :

    I’ll grab one barrel next time I see you and do some test models with it. If they are too big, alternate bits to build the backpack from shouldn’t be too hard to find.

    Necrons and Orcs sounds like good ideas. I might see if Drew or Brownie at Gamers Guild have some lose ones around somewhere that I can do test models with. Saves me buying a whole box. I also have to try and figure out where I can get spanners and other tools for them to hold too.

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