Darkness fueled inspiration


I meant to do some painting this weekend, but instead only got around to plotting Warprail Stations onto a map of the UnderEmpire.

Doing this seems like a waste of time, but it has actually helped a lot. Just plotting these stations has given me a better understanding of why Morkskittar has given Trask a lifeline, and why the ‘booming voice’ was so pissed off. It has also changed the story a bit.

Rather than Clan Vestren being in charge of a station, they are now in charge of a work camp. Since the Warprail is a fairly new invention, I didn’t want to just spam the Warhammer world with Warprail tracks. I’ve worked through and thought about where Skryre and the Council would want this transport device first, and why. And also, what kind of fallout from other clans there would be that would determine where and when other tracks and stations were built.

Hell, I had to do something during Earth Hour.

Border Princes Teaparty is this weekend, so I still have to make up a 2500 Bretonnian list. I might just do a variation on my Winds of Magic list, but I have the Teaparty tournament pack to check my list against. This will be my first tournament where you get different points for composition based on this list of criteria. Most of which seems to be totally subjective, which I hate. Isn’t Warhammer already innately balanced?

I know a lot of people complain about ‘power creep’ and all that, but I think 99% of the time this is just a storm in a teacup. I heard a lot of these arguments about Skaven and Bretonnians before all these redone ‘power creep’ armies came out.

“Skaven have an auto-hitting gun!”
“Bretonnian lances are impossibly hard!”
“Warplightening is too powerful!”
“Those armour saves and ward saves together are too much!”

Geez, get a friggn grip. What are you, a bunch of women? Man up.

The auto-hitting gun you cry about is also unreliably random, and easy to destroy. The lance formation has it’s bonuses, but falls flat in protracted combats. Warplightening is a magic spell, course it’s deadly! Those armour saves coupled with the ward saves is fairly confronting, but take another tack. Terror, fear, knights only have a piddling leadership, so take advantage. Multi-wound enemies are also a bane for them, as are troops that don’t break.

Cry me a river, you Warhammer light-weights.


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