Bad Dice and yellow advice


So I guess I’m out of my funk. Or at least beginning to come out of it.

I painted some of this Knight of the Realm today. Yellow is a hard colour to paint, it isn’t very forgiving in how it covers. I have tried using a white base for any yellow parts in the past, but decided to try something different for this one. The base is actually Vermin Fur, and I think it has worked really well. My major problem with another knight I previously painted with yellow was that the colour just didn’t look right. I think the fact that the entire army had a dark base coat, while the yellow was on a white, was what was causing it. Using Vermin Brown really seems to remedy this. I might even try one using Snakebite Leather as a base and see how it looks.

While I was painting I listened to the Bad Dice podcast. Since Podhammer has failed it’s panic check and run from the board, I am looking into other avenues to get my Warhammer auditory fix. Bad Dice doesn’t seem too bad, but I intend to give it a couple more episodes before I decide if I will keep at it. At the moment though, it just seems to be Podhammer but with UK people in it. While I liked Podhammer, I don’t know if I really want to just move on to it’s Eurpoean clone. I’ll have to do a bit more poking around and see if there are any more Australian based Warhammer podcasts.


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  1. Doomy says :


  2. matt says :

    And you had an unpainted Orc & Goblin army for how many years?

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