Microsoft Windows Vista – AKA The “I hate you” post

Sorry about the brief silence. It was a long weekend here, and I spent it:

– Hiding from my girlfriends Undercover Wear party
– Looking after a 7 year old girl
– LANning it up for almost 12 hours

So the Warhammer was thin on the ground.

Since I won’t be home Wednesday through to Friday night I was hoping to spend most of Tuesday finishing my Damsel for Gobbocon. No dice!

I spent just about all today, Tuesday, trying to get my computer to download files. Yes, that most basic of computer jobs, getting files and saving them to the hard drive, has been mysteriously rendered impossible. I’ve exhausted all the sensible options, setting permissions, unchecking Read Only boxes (that just mysteriously recheck as Read Only once they are done ‘processing’). I thought Vista was supposed to be streamlined, make things easier. All it has streamlined is my frustrated rage. Streamlined it to a point, aimed directly a Microsoft.


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Freelance Graphic Designer, thinker, and Warhammer tragic.

One response to “Microsoft Windows Vista – AKA The “I hate you” post”

  1. matt says :

    For future reference, I have finally figured out the problem.

    AVG, for whatever reason, wasn’t running properly. Normally with AVG running it would scan files downloaded off of the internet, but becuase it wasn’t running it obviously was just deleting the files because they hadn’t been scanned.

    I uninstalled AVG and could download file again. So I just downloaded a new AVG install, and reinstalled it. Problem solved.

    Why AVG stopped working though, I have no idea.

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