Prep for Gobbocon

Gobbocon is coming up in a weeks time. Luckily there isn’t much I have to do to the Bretonnians to have a fully painted army ready to take. The Battle Standard just requires basing, and there are a couple more knights that need some paint. I have to at least finish one other Knights of the Realm banner bearer, as I am running two units both with full command. I also need to get a Damsel painted. Preferably this will be the ‘Man from the Mountain’ Damsel, as I would like to give it a run. It’s just too cool looking not to use.

My army is looking like this.

Paladin: Virtue of the Joust, Sword of Might

Paladin Battle Standard Bearer: Virtue of Discipline, War Banner

Damsel of the Lady: Icon of Quenelles, Dispel Scroll

Grail Knights: 5, full command

Questing Knights: 5, full command

Pegasus Knights: 3

Knights of the Realm: 7, full command

Knights of the Realm: 6, full command

Knights Errant: 6, full command

Mounted Yeomen: 5

Men-at-Arms: 19, full command

Peasant Bowmen: 11

The Damsel will go in with the Men-at-arms. I’m planning on using my old ‘Icon of Quenelles’ trick, since I don’t have my Stubborn Battle Pilgrims to rely on. I’ll probably run a slightly modified attack plan as I used at Winds of Magic, replacing the Battle Pilgrims on the flank with the Men-at-arms.



Something compelled me to start working on the Skaven too. At the moment I am just trying ideas out, blu-tacing parts together and seeing how they look. These two are the ‘Warlord’ and the ‘Warlock Engineer’ design ideas I have. The Warlock I am very happy with, though I am in two minds about the Warlord. He seems a little small in stature to be the guy in charge, though ditching the metal Eshin and Pestilens will mean that he comes closer to being an average height. I think I might have to use one of the Stormvermin and convert that, but I am not sure.

That’s what these tests are for!


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One response to “Prep for Gobbocon”

  1. matt says :

    Sorry, I just realised it is totally stupid to give a character Virtue of the Joust as well as Sword of Might. I may have to fall back onto my old standby, reroll hits on charge and reroll wounds on charge.

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