An axe in the trunk


Today’s interesting WAR scenery. Actually, it’s not really scenery, but technically a ‘prop’. None the less, I am fascinated by it. You can find these in High Elves areas, in tents mostly. As far as I can tell, it is akin to a 1950s luggage case. A large case with compartments and drawers that a traveller puts their clothes in. The drawers for small items, the larger spaces for things like jackets and suits and such. However in the Elves case, it looks like it primarily carries weapons. One would assume family heirloom type weapons, rather than just ordinary, run-of-the-mill items.

While this wouldn’t make a great piece of scenery by itself, it would certainly make a good addition to some Elf themed scenery. It also gives us an insight into Elven design and aesthetic. It seems primarily practical, with artistic flourishes thrown in to ‘pretty it up’. I suppose Elves have a function over form ethos, though obviously a bit of license it taken with elaborating on the design.

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  1. Jimmy Chang says :

    This post shoulda been called Matthews Closet Review

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