Perhaps I should call the bear Rudolph?


Work started on adding heraldry to the knights today.

I’ve used the key design on the lord on hippogryph, as obviously he is the most senior of all the knights, so the bulk of the peasant troops would belong to him. I think the bottom tooth on the key is a little wonky, and I’ll have to go back some time and fix it up with a splash of blue.


The Paladin riding the bear has this, a stags head and a fluer de lie. When viewed this close, that stag looks suspiciously like a reindeer. Perhaps it is a reindeer? Who’s to say a knight can’t have a reindeer as his heraldry?


Since the key motif is the lords heraldry, I didn’t want to replicate it on the Battle Standard, as this should probably be more of a banner that has seen many battles under many lords. But I didn’t want to standard to be totally unrelated either, so I decided on this lock icon. I like its overall shape and proportions, but does it look a little flat? I’m not too sure how to fix this.

The knight carrying the Battle Standard has a pine tree design for his heraldry, with an orange band in the first third of the field and grey for the rest. Since the Battle Standard was going to have a lot of orange on it, I needed a bit more orange on the bearer to balance the model out.



Design wise, the Grail Knights were easy. Not only is an image of the Grail characterful, but it will help identify them. I had to spend a bit of time figuring out how to do the shields, though. At first I was going to use a white field, but white with silver edging will just disappear. Plus I had no idea what colour I would do the Grail. In the end I decided on a brown field, something that stood out against a white Grail and the metal edging.

I think the banner came out really well too, taking the same shield design, but applying yellow highlights to the grey Grail, instead of white. As a single treatment on the banner this works fine, but I didn’t want to do this to the shields. It was breaking from the established colours too much.


Again, design wise, the Questing Knights were fairly straight forward. A fluer de lie is a popular icon for Questing Knights, and I didn’t see a need to break from the established background. Actually painting it was a lot easier than it looks too, as I have extensive experience in drawing fluer de lies. Don’t ask why.


Since Knight Errant are essentially just ‘learner knights’ I decided not to give them icons on their heraldry, instead opting for geometric shapes. I think this looks really effective, and just to mix it up a bit, I’m going to paint the sixth one with a blue design, rather than orange. The banner will have an icon on it, though, but I have yet to decide what.


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3 responses to “Perhaps I should call the bear Rudolph?”

  1. Doomy says :

    I love most of the heraldry you’ve done, but I think the key / lock thing needs a bit of a rethink. It just looks so dull and is prone to mistakes compared to the rest of the heraldry you have done.

    The wizard below looks tres awesome by the way. Maybe some animal pelts hanging from him would give him an even more wild look. Though he does look pretty sweet as is.

  2. matt says :

    The lock I have been reconsidering. I have done some sketches on another lock idea and might repaint it if I feel so inclined. This is possibly the hardest part of building and painting the Bretonnian army so far, deciding on and creating heraldry.

  3. Doomy says :

    I bet it is. The shape of the lock looks fine in execution, I just really dislike the key and lock heraldry, especially as the rest of the heraldry you have painted looks awesome.

    What about something like an executioners axe to show that the Lord might have been up on the chopping block for further failure?
    Or maybe a bear could have been adopted as heraldry when the Lord started riding one?

    Where is the list for the tournament by the way. All I see is some gimpy WAR picture 😛

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