I’ll bone you good


Cleared off my painting and modelling desk today. Not that big a deal, but I should certainly have less cat hair clinging to my brushes and models now.

At least, for the moment.

Started gluing my Damsel/Man From The Mountain model together today. I was a bit up in the air about what I was going to put in his right hand. But when I was cleaning up and cutting some pieces from sprues and putting them into the bits box, I came across a zombie hand holding a large bone. Somehow, that seemed appropriate.

The glue is drying at the moment, and then I’ll go fill in the gaps. I also need to sculpt a little extra robe onto him, as I have glued the left arm slightly forward which left a small space up near his shoulder. After that, I’ll add a few little details, perhaps the dead bird in a pouch from the Men-at-arms sprue, or something like that.

The new White Dwarf came today too. While there are some good pictures of the cool new Ork Stompa in it, largely it seems to be uninteresting. Come on White Dwarf, you were looking so good there for a while. Pick up your game!


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