I promise this isn’t becoming a computer game blog

Haven’t had much time to do anything Warhammery in the last couple of days. Mostly it has been places to go, people to see, though I did wedge in a half dozen multiplayer matches of Dawn of War 2 this afternoon. The multiplayer component is slightly different to the single player, but thats not a bad thing. It definitely has some interesting to-and-fro aspects to it. It’s not like Age of Empires where whomever builds the larger army first wins. There is some definite tactics of knowing when and how to attack, as well as falling back, letting areas go, and stuff like that. I’m keen to try this game out some more. It is odd seeing Tyranids and Space Marines working together, though.


Facepunch hit Rank 30 the other day, and so I finally decided to start another character. While Facepunch certainly has a long way to go Rank wise, he is certainly a highly advanced character, and there is some of the earlier game I haven’t seen. So I started a Sorceress, Lavendar, and got her to Rank 6 within a couple of hours. It’s an interesting class, some very powerful spells and a push over in combat.

It’s interesting that it is 80% faster to get into a scanario with my new character, where as Facepunch can be waiting literally an hour to get into one sometimes. I’d like to explore WAR some more, but my continued journey into poverty has made WAR one of my first cutbacks. So I’ll have to cancel my subscription to WAR for now and hopefully pick it up again very soon. It’s a shame, but I’ll certainly capture some more time for painting!


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