The key to heraldry



After months of thinking about it, I have finally decided on my main heraldry design. A key.

Yeah, ok, it’s not mind blowingly original or fabulously realised, but it fits the theme I have in my head. I have building the Bretonnians around this idea of the main Lord’s family being somewhat banished to the outskirts of the kingdom for some kind of offence to chivalry. Whether this was wholly justified, or more political I don’t know. But I like the idea that somehow an ancestor had failed in a task and was relocated to some place of little importance. I suppose the key heraldry was given to them when this happened, as a kind of constant reminder of their failed duty.

This is how I figure the grittier elements of the army fit in. The all white Grail Knights, the monkish Questing Knights, the Battle Pilgrims. It’s like the knights from this realm are breaking away from what is possibly an icon of dishonour and trying to move in a more positive direction.

For a Warhammer army this may be way, way too much thought and backstory, but I like that. I’m looking forward to sitting down and nutting out the fine details of how this army actually fits together background wise, and how I can make future projects slot into this framework.


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One response to “The key to heraldry”

  1. Nigel Tomm says :

    I’m Nigel Tomm and your design looks amazing.

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