Get that Dwarf


Spent some time in WAR today. Did a couple of Public Quests with Craig, a Dwarf one and a Nurgle one. For some reason the Dwarf one wasn’t recognising our kills, and after 45 minutes of gaining Renown, we decided to try another PQ. As we left, the PQ loaded up the Stage 2 scenario, obviously us leaving triggered something, so we gave the rest of it a go. We had to defend an oddly suicidal goblin ‘burna’ who was destroying Dwarf tents. He wanted us to protect him as he went about his charge, but he ran straight at the Dwarfs. Nice work, tiny.


We spent almost two hours on those two PQs, and I eventually ended up with this breastplate. It had only a marginally better armour rating and bonuses on it, but it has a cool collar. So I have to wear it. Now I need a more menacing helmet.


This is my ‘Piece of WAR scenery of the Week’. A large Dragon skeleton partially buried in the Badlands landscape. Rather than being a Dragon that has just died on the ground and been covered up over time, it looks a little like the whole skeleton was buried, but has been semi-excavated. Like someone was digging foundations for a building or mining, and they uncovered it.

There are some interesting bits of scenery in WAR, quite a few that would make interesting pieces on the tabletop.

Here in Australia there is a TV show on the ABC called The Collectors. I have occasionally watched it, but I didn’t know they had done a segment on Warhammer. While it’s nothing a Warahmmer veteran didn’t already know, it’s interesting to see the hobby on the television.

The Warhammer segment is from 2007, and you can have a look at it on YouTube.


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