Back to the grindstone


And so things return to the ‘run of the mill’ Warhammer stuff. Painting and converting.

I managed to get the first highlight layer onto the Yeomen’s horses. While being considered a weak unit, I really like the Mounted Yeomen, both the models I have converted and how they perform on the battlefield. They are fast, cheap and can harass the enemy lines. So I’m looking forward to being able to field them fully painted.


Brad purchased this for me a couple of days ago. Mostly to use the gift voucher he won at Wind of Magic, though Linda would have you believe it’s because he loves me. For some reason, she maintains I have some kind of odd homoerotic relationship with a lot of my male friends. If I do something for someone, or they do something for me, it’s because we are in love. I think maybe she has some issues of some kind she has to deal with. Who knows?

And thus we have strayed far from the topic at hand.


I’m going to convert my Prophetess of the Lady/Damsel from the kit. My Bretonnian army seems to follow two ‘themes’, the standard Bretonnian look, as well as a dirtier, grubbier look. At the moment my characters all fit into the standard look, so I am making this ‘man from the mountains’. Some kind of hermit mystic who has come down from some hidden cave and is unleashing magical wrath on my enemies.

Or something like that, I haven’t totally figured it out yet.

There are actually two bodies in the box, so I don’t know what the other one will be used for. You suggestions are appreciated.


I picked this up today at the Salvo’s. It is some kind of toy playset, but the large circular saw and mass of cogs underneath made me think of some kind of bizarre Skaven machine. I’ve put this to one side and will turn it into some scenery once I begin working on the Skaven army.


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2 responses to “Back to the grindstone”

  1. Doomy says :

    Haha the love paragraph had both Mable and I cracking up… is that really what Linda thinks?

    Having to use $50 all at once when the store doesn’t sell anything for $50 can be quite difficult. If not for the wizards I probably would have bought a couple paints to sit unopened on my painting desk. It’s good to see that the Wizard box is already getting some use.

    Good report also, it’s funny that we managed to play the exact same people in the tournament…

  2. matt says :

    Yes. Apparently I’m some kind of nerdasexual.

    I can see how the $50 voucher can cause problems, but then again, do you want to just be given some boxes or something for armies you never want to collect? But what other options for prizes are there?

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