I feel like I should have an undead army on a day like this


Not enough time to do any painting today. Up at the crack of dawn and into the city, and back way too late.

So this is the army going to Renmark. Look at it shine!


Here we have the four characters of the army, the Lord (on the bear) the Battle Standard, the Questing Knight Paladin and the Damsel on foot. At the back there, in the white, are 5 Grail Knights. In front of them, 5 Questing Knights.

Since taking this photo I realised I could take the Battle Standard Bearer off of the unpainted horse and put him temporarily onto one of the unused Questing Knight horses. So the Damsel is one of only two models in the entire army not painted at all.


At the back, 3 Pegasus Knights, no command. In front, on the left, 7 Knights of the Realm. On the right of them, 6 Knights of the Realm, with an unpainted standard bearer. This is basically the knightly core of the army.


Rear left, 6 Knights Errant. Rear right, 5 Mounted Yeomen, almost totally painted. Front left, 20 Battle Pilgrims, and possibly the unit I’ll enter into the tournaments painting competition. Front right, 22 Men-at-arms. 22 because it took me exactally up to 2200 points!


And last of all, 10 Peasant Bowmen, and in front of them, 10 Skirmishing Peasant Bowmen.The 10 skirmishing bowmen are the other unit I am considering putting into the best painted competition.


And here’s me packed. A bunch of Transformers t-shirts, some socks and undies, and a really nice shirt. The really nice shirt is needed because, since the Saturday is Valentines Day, I’m going out to dinner with my partner, Linda. Yeah, she’s coming up to Renmark, to spend a romantic weekend with me killing country Warhammer nerds. It should be fun!

So I gotta be up 6am-ish tomorrow morning. It’s about a three and a half hour drive to Renmark from Christies Beach, and the tournament starts 10:30. It would be nice to be there 15, 20 minutes before it starts, though.

I hate driving long distances, and I hate getting up early. So this should be great.


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