What is a yoe exactly?




The Questing Knights are finished. I still need to base them, and clean up the edges of the bases, but the actual paint job is completed. To be honest, I am actually really happy with how they have turned out. This whole time I have been a little unsure as to how they would look painted, especially since they are constructed mainly from Bretonnian and Empire bits. But the two armies pieces work well together, provided you choose the right bits, which I feel like I have done.

Since more and more plastic kits are coming out for new armies, I think it is going to become even easier to convert different troops types to look both interesting and adhere to the basic visual cues that define them. In the case of the Questing Knights, Bretonnian horses and two-handed swords. And while they do not make complete use of what is in the box, the bits left over can easily be used on another project.

For instance, I am planning on using some of the arms left in the Empire Militia box on my Skaven Clanrats. With minimal modelling I can make them fit in with the rest of the Skaven look. This makes all the plastic boxed sets available very versatile.


Progress has been made with the Mounted Yoemen too. Obviously they are not very far advanced, but work has started on them, and thats half the battle.

Ok, maybe not half, or a quarter. But it is a part of the battle. Battle has commenced.

The nature of the Yoemen means that they don’t require as many colours as the knights, so it should take a little less time to finish painting them. Ideally I can get them finished for this tournament, which is rapidly approaching. This Saturday, in fact. That’s four days of painting and modelling to get the Yoemen and the Battle Standard Bearer done. At least I have the army list finalised.

I don’t envy Brad, who has made the insane decision of putting together a completely new army to use in the tournament. To be honest, that guy is crazy. If it’s not science, it’s Warhammer. It it’s not Warhammer, it’s Rock Band. If it’s not Rock Band, it’s science. He’s the nerd triple-whamy. A nerd hat-trick. Tri-nerd.

Good luck to him!


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One response to “What is a yoe exactly?”

  1. Doomy says :

    Hahaha well you got a laugh out of me with the last paragraph.

    Firstly, it is YEOmen. I don’t know what a Yeo is either.
    Secondly, a rules clarification. I read a forum post about fast cavalry rules yesterday that mentions the fast cav ability of moving and shooting after rallying can only be used after you voluntarily flee as a charge reaction. Check the rulebook, but it sounds right. Don’t fudge it on the weekend 😛

    Trying to get the Dark Elves done was a little crazy, but I would have got them done quite easily if my experiment hadn’t miraculously started working causing me to babysit it 12-15 hours a day.
    The last 2 shades will be done tonight, leaving just the 20 corsairs + 20 warriors and Hydra. If the warriors and hydra don’t arrive in time I am screwed. If they do then I’ll have to sub the corsairs out for another warrior unit, either spears or crossbows.

    Oh well, if they don’t get done I guess I’ll bring the High Elves… or maybe Tomb Kings 😀

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