Melee draws closer


So tonight I worked on the Questing Knights some more. Added in all the highlights bar for the blue areas. The command still needs some attention on the banner, and there are some metal areas that still need doing again. But as you can see, they are almost done.


There are six ‘regular’ Questing Knights in the unit, three with black horses and three with brown. The only thing I haven’t do at all on all of them is the hair, but I’m planning on doing that last. The horses also need another coat of black, to cover some of the slips from other areas.


And here we have the three on brown horses. I finished painting them all around 10pm, so thats why the photos are a little dark. To be honest, I don’t know if painting when tired is the best idea. It just seems to ripe for peril. The slip of brush by a tired hand, and there goes hours of work. Still, I am on a kind of a deadline here, so chances must be taken.


After painting, I had a run around WAR with my brother and a couple of his mates. We did a few of Public Quests, and I got to try out my sole warrior/AOE chops again. I got to say, I still have very little idea about what is going on, or what anyone is talking about, but I really like the Public Quest progressions. The Warhammer World has always interested me, and the Public Quests have these story and objective driven slants to them that really bring the world to life.

Like tonight, we slew Slannesh worshipers and Daemonettes, only to have to subsequently kill Slannesh Chosen and seal the rifts they were guarding. But this causes a larger portal to let loose a Slannesh spawn that multiplies as it is killed. It would have been so easy for Mythic to put in generic, uninteresting Public Quests, but it is apparent a lot of thought has been put into them to reflect where they are, what they are doing, and accommodate the fact that multiple people are going to be playing it.


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