Preparing for war


Worked on my Questing Knights a bit more today, while I listened to the latest episode of Podhammer. All the base colours are down now, plus the highlights to the grey sections, and a flesh wash onto the skin. Next I’ll highlight the browns, followed by the blues and then the lighter skin colour. Hair, accessories and stuff like that will come last.

I’m happy with how they are turning out. I was a little sceptical when I started painting them, I thought I may have gone down the wrong path. But they are looking damn good at the moment. Still, plenty of time to ruin them.


One of the things the army is missing at the moment is a Battle Standard Bearer model. This tournament is coming up in a week and a bit, and I feel like I shoudl really have all the characters accurately represented on the board, so I’ll working on putting a BSB together. At the moment it looks like I’ll be using the Men-at-arms banner as the base. Cut off the hand and pole, drill out the bottom of the standard and attach it to a cut down lance hand.

I’m tossing up using a standard knights torse, or using one of the Empire Militia jerkins and having the model holding something in its other hand. These are the things that need to be decided on quickly.


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