‘Course it’s a good idea!


Progress has been made! Not very much, but progress none-the-less!

I’m trying a different technique with the Questing Knights, and to be honest, I have no idea if this is going to work out. I’m just kind of making it up. Which often leads to disaster.

This is all just a couple of basic layers. The idea is to give them a similar paint scheme to the rest of the regular knights, but dirty it up a bit. In aid of this, I have given them a brown base colour to build the other colours off of. My main concern is the standard. I’m not too sure if I am going to give it a similar treatment, or paint it more like the rest of  the standards. I’ll see how the rest of the knight look before I make a decision.

I’ve also finally started painting the pallisades for the bowmen. About time…


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One response to “‘Course it’s a good idea!”

  1. Doomy says :

    Dirty, road weary knights sounds like a very good idea. If you do go that direction I would suggest to dirty up the banner. I doubt the Lady would bother wasting her power on laundry and even fantasy Frenchmen aren’t clean 😛

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