Naked rats


The Skaven have been stripped. And this is my Skaven army, years of collecting and painting condensed into one tiny box.


These are the models I will definately be keeping and using in the new Skaven army. We have 38 Clanrats (metal and plastic), 33 Stormvermin, 2 Warpfire Throwers, 3 Jezzails, 2 Globadiers, a Vermin Lord, Queek, Thanquol and a Grey Seer. I also have the Screaming Bell, Boneripper, Snitch and a metal Rat Ogre that are all in pieces in my bits box that will end up in here too.


These are the guys that, in current thinking, I probably won’t use. 27 Plague Monks, 4 Censer Bearers, 10 Gutter Runners and 3 Assassins. I want to take the new Skaven army in a certain direction, and while these troop choices will be included, I don’t think they will look anything like the standard imagery.

These are all great miniatures, though, and I am loathe to just offload them on someone else. I might hold onto these, for posterity sake.


And these are the clone Clanrats. I will not be using these. Their scale is just too out compared to the rest of the range, and they are clones. CLONES. Clones never work out.

These may be offloaded onto someone, though I have no idea who would want them. I’ll have to look into this. I have kept a single one, though. For memories.

I’ve also been taking a look at other peoples armies, most notably, ones that re-imagine troops in an army as something else. Some of my favourites are mikebutcher’s and terrainguy’s, both on The Warhammer Forum. The Araby/Genie army has been done before, but it does look good, and it is a good example of what I mean by re-imagine troops. The Briar Knights army is just beautiful. It makes me cry with joy. But in a manly, tabletop war games kind of way.

My collegue Brad and myself have scheduled ourselves into our first tournament of this year. It will be at Dice & Deck at Renmark on the 14-15 February… right in time for Valentines Day! So my half is coming up with me, don’t know about Brad’s. So two days of Warhammer, and a nice romantic weekend thrown in part-time. Bonus!


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2 responses to “Naked rats”

  1. Doomy says :

    Colleague… pah! You are already distancing yourself from me in case I don’t do well at the tournament 😛

    I don’t think you will be able to sell the clone rats, well not for anything worthwhile. Best course of action might be to just give them to a kid or a newb to help get them started. Maybe at the tournament?

    I am certainly looking forward to your re-imagining of the Pestilens troops.

  2. matt says :

    Yeah, I highly doubt that the clonerats would fetch much, if anything. But I’m going to hang on to them at least until I know exactally what I am doing with the Skaven.

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