Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!


So the Men-at-arms are done. Like the rest of the army, I will come back later and add all the heraldry. At the moment I am just trying to get them all into a presentable state for the tabletop. I’ve almost reached the critical basing mass. 24 Men-at-arms plus 3 or so knights require basing. I do them in large batches, I just like it better that way, and I am almost at a suitable number to break out the base material.


These are the guys that are next to be painted, my converted Questing Knights. They are made out of Knights of the Realm horses and legs, torsos from the Empire Militia box, two handed swords from the Empire Militia box and heads from the Knights of the Realm, Empire Flagellant and Chaos Marauder boxes. As you can see, I’ve already made a start on one of the knights.

For the Questing Knights I’ve decided to go a different direction to the regular knights. Since they set aside their lance when they take on the Quest, I figured that they would also discard their heraldry as well. This fits in especially well with the rest of my army, as my Grail Knights are almost pure white, with no specific heraldry markings at all. I guess I figure that the Quest is almost a monastic undertaking, eschewing your worldly ties to reach some kind of divine reward. Hell, I bet more people would join the clergy if you got to get about with a massive sword and slay monsters!

So moving up the ‘ranks’ of the knight orders is like moving along a path of understanding. Along the way, you see what is important and what you have to give up to get there. All very deep and philosophical I know, but that’s the kind of stuff I think about.

Not the meaning of life. How do you make an army that breaks from it’s established conventions, but fits snuggly into the Warhammer world.

Massive nerd alert!!!


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One response to “Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!”

  1. Doomy says :

    The peasants look good. Thank god you are painting up some knights next. Trying to kill 25 guys with ward saves is just painful.

    I also agree with you regarding basing in big batches. It’s not something I get enjoyment out of, so I like to get it all done in one hit.

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