Bloody peasant!


Almost finished them off today. Got the bases painted, and most of the shields painted. I just have to do the sleeve and the hand on the back of the shield, and they will be ready for attaching. Should be able to knock that over tomorrow in an hour or two.

I need to spend some more time on the standard bearer. The other side of the standard doesn’t have the grey trimming on it, and the icon of the Lady on top of the banner has had no attention what-so-ever. I’m still trying to decide on the image that will go on all the peasants gear. I’ll probably do them all as the main Dukes heraldry, but I just don’t know what that is yet. I have some prospective designs, but I have yet to try painting any and seeing how they look. I’ll probably try them on some Knights of the Realm first, and then make a decision based on what looks good and what is manageable to paint.

After I have posted this up, I’m going to go strip some more Skaven. If I am lucky this last lot cleans easily and I can get them all finished tonight. One can but dream.


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3 responses to “Bloody peasant!”

  1. Doomy says :

    Looking good. Did you end up re-doing the faces?

    You know, you probably could have finished off the peasants if you hadn’t put up this blog post 😉

  2. matt says :

    Yeah, I redid the faces. They look a little better, not great, but a bit more defined than before. Which is what I wanted.

    I’d run out of daylight by the time this blog post went up, and I’ve been trying to paint in just natural light lately. I’ll have to go get one of those lamps that simulates natural light, so I can paint at night.

    The problem I was finding with my current lamp was that it made everything look a little yellow, so I was mixing colours slightly different than they had appeared elsewhere.

  3. Doomy says :

    Yeah, I have found a daylight bulb to help in that regard.

    So, a new lamp is not really required, just a new bulb for it.
    I got myself a cool daylight one and it is pretty good, though at 60 Watts it is probably a bit bright!

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