Line of sight

The wind whips around the lone figure, tattered and worn clothing cracking as it strikes at the breeze. Another year has passed. A year of triumphs and tragedies, and year of gains and losses. Raising its head, the figure looks to the distance. To the trials and decisions ahead. To blood and fear and glory. To a year of Warhammer.

Hello, and welcome to this thing, whatever it is.

The aim here is to basically record everything Warhammer related I do over the course of a year. I have a couple of Warhammer related projects on the go at any one time, so chances are that everyone will be able to find something half way interesting. And if not, no skin off my nose.

At the moment, this is where I stand.

I have a 2/3 finished Bretonnian army. There are 3 units still waiting to be painted, a couple of characters to still do, and a half dozen Knights Errant and Knights of the Realm that require a lick of paint. I’ll talk more in depth about these later, so save your point-and-click army accusations until then.

Skaven have been my main army for almost 15 years, but my current army is looking a little run down and dated. So I’m planning to strip the entire army and redo it entirely. Some of the existing army I should be able to reuse, while other models will probably have to be replaced. It should be an interesting project.

Still Skaven related, myself and a colleague from the UnderEmpire both work on a Skaven ezine together, Skavenblight Gazette. It looks at anything to do with Skaven, and regularly features stories, discussions, painting and modelling tutorials and many other articles, all themed around Skaven. We try and get three or four issues of this out a year, and I’ll record some of the trials and tribulations involved in it’s production. It’s free to read, so you can go there now and have a look at some of the previous issues.

Since it was released a few months back, I have been playing Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. Before this, I haven’t played an MMO at all, but the lure of Warhammer is far too strong and I decided to give it a go. I’ll be talking about my adventures in this virtual world from time to time. References to AOE and similar MMO jargon will not appear, as I have no idea what they mean. There’s an enemy, I hit it. End of story.

Last year I attended my first tournament, and I quite enjoyed it. This, along with listening to Podhammer, has given me the urge to try my hand at a few more this year. It’s interesting to leave your comfort zone and play against total strangers in a more competitive environment. I’m looking forward to it, if not for the opportunity to severely flog some people I have never met before and make off with their trophy.

And lastly, there’s just all the misc stuff, like making terrain, painting models not associated with an army, friendly battles and just generally pissfarting about in the hobby.

It should be a good year.


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